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NORML of Macomb County is a registered non-profit organization - we rely on private donations to keep us going strong. You may mail your check to:

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Eastpointe, MI 48021-0640

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Interesting article from the "American Scientist" magazine:

"The Toxicity of Recreational Drugs" by Robert S. Gable
Alcohol is more lethal than many other commonly abused substances

truth: The Anti-Drug War
If its' facts and figures you want, then look no further!!
Great job Brian!


This is just a friendly reminder that nearly 10 years of headlines about drug policy history are listed and linked on the Drug War Chronicle Archives page -- visit and check it out!

from our friends at "Stop the Drug War".

Also of good reading interest is the Cannabis News which has up to date news on the MJ Newsfront and more.

cannabis news web site

Does it cost more to stop people from using drugs or cost more to pay the medical cost of "supposed" abuse? The report from the drug czar on the "ecomonic costs of drug abuse" put into logical sense. Want to read more...then click here

truth: The Anti-Drug War
If its' facts and figures you want, then look no further!!
Great job Brian!

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A worldwide cannabis information and reform website.

Medical Marijuana Policy

Medical Marijuana Facts (.pdf 74k)

What's the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Our thanks to DrugSense for hosting this web site.  Link to Drug Policy Central

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